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11 April 2016

Iraq - Flash Update: Anbar, April 2016

Iraq - Flash Update: Anbar, April 2016
  • Since the beginning of military operations in December, food prices in Anbar have rapidly increased in the districts directly affected by the conflict. Inaccessible and besieged areas recorded the most significant changes in food prices. The highest increase in price over the past three months was observed particularly for rice.
  • As the siege continued in Fallujah for the third consecutive month, no sign of improvement was recorded in March; food prices remain extremely high, and stocks in shops and households are depleting. In March, the price of wheat was six times more expensive than in December. The food security situation of the people living in Fallujah city is extremely worrying, and is likely to deteriorate further until access to the city is granted.
  • In March, reports of food shortages were recorded for the first time in Heet centre, where fighting between Iraqi Security Forces and armed opposition groups intensified in February.