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Haiti - Urban Food Security Assessment, August 2016

Haiti - Urban Food Security Assessment, August 2016
  • In the urban areas assessed in June 2016, 30% of the households are food insecure with 2% severely food insecure. The level of food insecurity is considerably less than that seen in the drought affected rural areas assessed in December 2015.
  • The commune of Cité Soleil and the cities of Gonaïves, Jérémie, and Port-de-Paix stand out as having the highest levels of food insecurity.
  • 40% of households have unacceptable food consumption. Food insecurity is also driven by economic vulnerability, with 50% of households spending over half their budget on food.
  • Increase in prices of food and other goods is the most common shock reported.
  • The majority of households are forced to engage in negative coping strategies, including 25% relying on crisis or emergency strategies, which are difficult to reverse.