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IR-EMOP Food Assistance to Flood Affected People in Inhambane and Gaza Provinces

Countries: Mozambique | Operations ID: 201067 | Operations type: Emergency Operation (EMOP)

The provinces of Inhambane and Gaza were affected by tropical cyclone Dineo, with the coastal districts of Inhambane Province being the worst affected (including Massinga, Morrumbene, Maxixe and Inhambane Districts). Tropical Cyclone Dineo made landfall on 15 February 2017 just north of Inhambane City, near Massinga. The intense tropical cyclone (category 3) was combined with very strong winds (up to 170 km/hour) and extremely heavy rainfall.

According to assessments conducted by multi-sectoral teams, a total of 70 health centres and 1,687 classrooms were destroyed. Agricultural production was also affected, with the loss of about 29,173 hectares of agriculture and 137,691 hectares of fruit trees. According to the results of the Government-led assessment, a total of 550,691 people were affected.

Food assistance is urgently needed for the most-affected people who have lost their crops to help them quickly restore their livelihoods.

Out of the 550,691 people affected, rapid assessment results indicate that 510,491 require immediate food support. The government has food stocks and will cover most of the needs. However, it has requested WFP to immediately support 50,000 people through food-for-assets schemes. WFP has included this amount in the UN Flash Appeal to be imminently launched. This IR-EMOP is requested to immediately initiate distributions from borrowed stocks in support of 50 percent of the caseload (25,000) in the province of Inhambane.

The operation will last three months starting on 8 March 2017 until 8 June 2017 with borrowed stocks.