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IR-PREP - Special Preparedness Activity to Improve Preparedness Measures for the Possible Emergencies Triggered by the Phenomenon El Nino in the Northern Departments

Countries: Peru | Operations ID: 200921 | Operations type: Emergency Operation (EMOP)

This Operation expired in February 2016

The Multisector Committee of the National Study of El Niño has estimated a 95% probability that the coastal phenomenon will take place between the months of December 2015 and June 2016, with February being the most critical month. Additionally there is a 55% likelihood of El Niño reaching a strong or extraordinary magnitude. This is anticipated to trigger some of the greatest emergencies in recent years in Peru due to heavy rains and flooding in areas that are normally dry and thus unprepared to handle these events.

Preparedness measures of the Government of Peru are primarily aimed at infrastructure and do not focus on the humanitarian response, which has led to an identification of gaps in food assistance, logistics and telecommunications. Furthermore the capacity of the National and Regional Government to assist the potential populations to be affected are severely limited by budget constraints. Under a cooperation agreement with WFP, the National Institute for Civil Defense (INDECI) has requested support in the preparedness. The duration of this project will be for 3 months (15 November 2015 to 14 February 2016).