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The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depots (UNHRD) is a global network of depots that procure, store and rapidly transport emergency supplies for the humanitarian community.Managed by the World Food Programme (WFP), they allow humanitarian actors to pre-position and stockpile relief items and emergency equipment for quick delivery in case of need.

The Network manages strategic stocks of relief itemsmedical kits, shelter gear, ready-to-use foods and more – on behalf of a growing number of organizations, both inside and outside the UN system.

The depots are located at six strategic locations, in Italy (Brindisi), Ghana (Accra), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Panama (Panama City), Spain (Las Palmas) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). The locations have been chosen for their transport connections and proximity to disaster-prone areas. In case of an emergency, this pro-active positioning allows relief items to be dispatched within 48 hours upon request of partners.

As well as this unrivalled capacity for immediate mobilization, UNHRD offers harmonized quality standards and inter-operability; cost efficiency through the use of a single platform to procure and deploy items for multiple clients; turnkey solutions and centralized support throughout the humanitarian supply chain; logistics experts available for immediate deployment to receive the supplies and establish temporary warehouses in crisis-affected areas; and training facilities at four hubs, with the largest one in Brindisi.

How to Access WFP’s Services

Whether it is procurement of special nutritious foods, operational equipment, or relief items, WFP’s sourcing experts secure the most cost-efficient, quality products, within the time required, to best suit your organization’s needs. Through UNHRD, UN agencies, governments and NGOs can also access emergency stockpiles and relief item prepositioning services.

6 Hubs
Strategically located around the world
80+ Partners
and 9 donors are part of UNHRD Network
2015 at a glance:
625 Shipments, 108 countries reached, 8,000 MT dispatched