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With a long track record of ground-breaking, innovative global partnerships, WFP sets a high standard for meaningful private sector relationships that combine technical assistance and knowledge transfer with financial contributions to not only solve global problems, but also to create measurable business outcomes. Together with each partner, we develop a strategic partnership that creates synergy between our interests and goals, exchanging valuable expertise to generate impact that shifts business one step closer to Zero Hunger.

WFP works with global leaders in almost every industry to create shared value that can be measured against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG2, Zero Hunger, provides us with a defined roadmap to track and evaluate the progress of our combined efforts.

To help us achieve SDG2 by 2030, WFP draws on its partners’ industry-leading knowledge, expertise and positioning to strengthen operations, amplify our message, fund lifesaving programmes and innovate solutions to some of the world’s most important challenges.


“At MasterCard we believe that good partnerships can build great opportunities, exciting initiatives and ground-breaking experiences. Our partnership with the World Food Programme delivers against one of the most compelling visions, a world beyond hunger.” 

- Ajay Banga, CEO and President, MasterCard Worldwide

Why Partner with the World Food Programme?

  1. 70 percent of businesses plan to incorporate the SDGs in the next five years

  2. 94 percent of consumers are likely to switch to brands that demonstrate a social conscience

  3. 74 percent of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided with opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues

Ways to partner with WFP

  • Provide funding support

    Funding is the most flexible and fundamental resource required in order to reach vulnerable populations in remote and volatile areas, particularly during emergencies. Help support our efforts with necessary funding, directed either to our programmes (like School Meals or Food For Work), to emergency response or simply to areas of greatest need.

  • Advocate and call to action

    Partner with WFP in our advocacy efforts by sponsoring research and ground-breaking reports, by joining one of our policy-change coalitions or simply by increasing awareness of our programmes with your employee and consumer base. WFP can work closely with you to find an organic way to incorporate donation opportunities into your communications, engaging your customers and consumers with dynamic content and impactful personal stories.

  • Share business proficiencies

    Your expertise can help us improve our business, whether it’s streamlining our payment processes, improving the quality of our data analysis, educating our field staff or enhancing the nutritional value of our food basket – we value expertise in every field. By sharing personnel, technology or methodologies, you will help us move our business forward and make a greater impact in the lives of the people we serve.

Partner with us

Do you represent a company or foundation interested in partnering with WFP?