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Emergency Road Infrastructure Repairs in Support of WFP Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo | Operations ID: 200864 | Operations type: Special Operation (SO)

This Special Operation 200864 seeks to promote the timely, efficient, reliable and cost-effective delivery of much-needed WFP food and other humanitarian assistance across DRC. This Special Operation will rehabilitate a planned 110km of rural roads and other key infrastructure along these routes, and build local maintenance capacities, for a period of 24 months from 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2017. In doing so, the operation aims to concurrently improve access and travel times to and from agricultural production areas, further linking farmers to markets and providing economic incentives to increase production. It is expected that the rehabilitated roads will stimulate greater competition amongst economic traders to collect and transport food, which in turn will increase the farm-gate value of crops and encourage subsistence farmers to grow surplus for sale.