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IR-EMOP Emergency Response to flood-affected families in Paraguay

Countries: | Operations ID: 200937 | Operations type: Emergency Operation (EMOP)

This operation has been revised as per budget revision 1 (see below)

As of 11 Jan 2016, floods have caused extensive losses and destroyed the main food and income sources for approximately 166,000 people or 33,000 families
in Paraguay. Seven departments and the city of Asunción have been affected by the floods.

Based on the Government request and the findings of the WFP rapid assessment, the WFP response strategy is to address immediate food needs of 6,705 families (33,525 people) in five different camps in Asunción through an IR-EMOP for a period of 90 days.


BR 1 to IR-EMOP 200937 is a one-month extension in time- at no cost - until 30 May 2016, to allow beneficiaries to receive the cash of the last distribution cycle to be carried out in early May 2016.