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Capacity Development and Support for the National School Feeding Programme

Countries: Morocco | Operations ID: 200494 | Operations type: Development Operation (DEV)

This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 5 (see below)

The school feeding programme of the Kingdom of Morocco is an important tool for supporting education and strengthening the demand for educational services. It plays a role in reducing the socio-economic and educational constraints on equitable access to quality education, and helps keep disadvantaged children and adolescents in school – girls in particular. The programme benefits an increasing number of primary and secondary school students each year, with around 1.4 million beneficiaries in 2012. In 1997, the Government resumed the responsibility for managing and funding the school feeding programme that WFP had supported since 1978, which was designed to promote the education of children under the age of 15 in rural areas.

The present technical assistance project is a response to the government’s request for a partnership to support its review of the school feeding programme. The goal is to support the efforts of the Ministry of Education to improve the quality and viability of the programme. The project aims to strengthen the operational aspects of the programme’s execution in schools and residential facilities at the primary and secondary levels in order to improve performance, cost effectiveness, and management. The collaboration with the Ministry of Health relates to nutritional issues in the school context


 This BR 5 seeks to extend the Development Project 200494 for 12 months from 1 January through 31 December 2017.  It will enable continued technical assistance to the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco in the implementation of the Plan of Action for the enhancement of Morocco’s national school meals programme, developed in collaboration with WFP and validated in July 2016 by Morocco’s National School Meals Steering Committee.