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Turkey Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (January - December 2018)

Countries: Turkey | Operations ID: TR01 | Operations type: Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP)

T-ICSP approved by ED in September 2017. 

Now entering its seventh year, the Syria crisis continues to affect the lives of millions of people, including the nearly three million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey. An upper-middle income country, Turkey is food secure however much of the large refugee population within its borders is vulnerable and in need of assistance to cover basic needs, including food, shelter, healthcare and education. WFP’s 2018 strategy for Turkey will build on its current partnerships with and capacity building of the Government and non-governmental organisation partners to deliver assistance to refugees. Through the Emergency Social Safety Net project, WFP and its partners will ensure that one million refugees in Turkey have access to multipurpose cash assistance through a national social safety net. Through the e-voucher project, WFP and its partners will ensure that 150,000 refugees have access to food assistance through contracted shops. WFP will provide technical advice and assistance to Government and non-governmental organizations partners to strengthen the national safety net and the various stakeholders which compose it to ensure that they are capable of responding comprehensively and consistently to the needs of the refugees within the context of the current crisis and in preparedness for future crises.

WFP’s 2018 transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan for Turkey will build on lessons learned from WFP’s existing operations in Turkey as well as in regional responses to the Syria crisis, including key considerations for vulnerability-based targeting and gender-responsive programming. Regular assessment and refinement will ensure responsiveness to needs, maximize programme impact, and help lay the groundwork for recovery and an exit strategy.

Given the strong emphasis on partnership and implementation with and through national partners, WFP’s activities align with Sustainable Development Goal 17 and integrate into the Government response to the refugee population both in and outside of camps. WFP’s activities align with the Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan for the Syria crisis which unites the efforts of the Government, United Nations agencies, and non-governmental organizations and the United Nations Development Country Strategy for Turkey.