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The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in Iraq amidst ongoing violence that has forced more than 3 million people to leave their homes. Most of them are living without access to food, water and other essentials.

WFP aims to assist 1.8 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq per month through three means: Family Food Rations (FFRs); cash-based transfers (CBTs); and Immediate Response Rations (IRR).

As part of efforts to support Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict in that country, WFP aims to provide monthly CBTs to 72,500 refugees in nine camps across Iraq.

2.4 million people
are in need of food assistance
3.2 million people
are displaced
249,395 Syrians refugees
are in Iraq

What the World Food Programme is doing to respond to the Iraq emergency

  • Food assistance

    WFP reached 1.38 million food insecure people in all 18 governorates of Iraq through three modalities – Family Food Rations, cash-based transfers and Immediate Response Rations – in the June 2016 cycle. This included 1.33 million displaced Iraqis, and 55,000 Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

  • School meals

    WFP completed a school meals programme in the southern governorate of Thi Qar, distributing daily meals to around 21,000 school children across 73 schools. The meals aimed to prevent malnutrition among children and break the cycle of poverty.

Funding issues

In order to respond to anticipated displacement resulting from military operations in Mosul, WFP will require USD 88 million. This will cover the procurement and pre-positioning of stocks to assist 1.4 million people for three months.

A donor meeting was held by the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Kuwait as a side event to the coalition meeting in Washington DC on 20 July 2016. Almost USD 1 billion was pledged for stabilization, mine clearance and humanitarian response. Information on how much is for the humanitarian response and how much had already been contributed by governments is not yet available.

How you can help

In order to provide assistance to up to 1.4 million additional internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Mosul and the Mosul corridor, WFP has reduced food rations in Baghdad and the southern governorates by 50 percent. Please donate today and help life-saving food reach those families who need it the most.