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The world faces an unprecedented catastrophe unless urgent funding is provided NOW, not later, to defeat famine in South Sudan, and to prevent its outbreak in Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. We also need access to the most vulnerable communities. People are already dying from starvation and disease in the four countries.

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See what WFP is doing to fight and prevent famine

  • Nigeria

    WFP reached over 1 million people each month between January and March 2017. With funding and access, we can get the job done.

  • Somalia

    WFP has mobilized teams to the worst-affected areas and is providing a combination of food distributions, cash-based transfers and nutritional assistance for mothers and young children.

  • South Sudan

    In February, WFP reached 1.5 million people with food and cash-based assistance, school meals and nutrition support. This included using helicopters to deploy rapid response teams to deep field locations not accessible by road.

  • Yemen

    WFP’s operations in Yemen aim to prevent a famine and support longer-term recovery. In February, WFP provided food assistance to a record number of nearly 5.3 million people in 17 governorates with food assistance – although at a reduced level.

People are dying NOW. Help us to save lives and defeat famine.