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Swaziland is a landlocked nation almost entirely contained within the northeast corner of South Africa. The country faces numerous challenges including poverty, chronic food insecurityHIV/AIDS and erratic climate.

One in four of Swaziland’s children suffer from stunted growth as a result of malnutrition. Research has shown that this has an adverse effect on the child’s educational development, ultimately affecting the country’s economic growth.

The World Food Programme (WFP) is supporting the Government of Swaziland to help vulnerable people and those most at risk of food insecurity. The focus of our work is on nutrition, food security, social protection and access to education.

While directly assisting the most vulnerable people, these three projects are designed to improve the Government of Swaziland’s ability to provide food and nutrition assistance to its own people.

In the 1960s
WFP first arrived in Swaziland



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